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SoCap Hair Extensions by Kaitlyn Cicale

Shampoo Hair & Day Spa is the home of SHE By SoCap USA New England. All of our stylists are certified in SO.CAP.USA hair extensions The bonds are made from100% keratin-protein and contain NO glue, resin, plastic or adhesive and are therefore non-damaging to your hair. . All SHE by SO.CAP. hair is 100% Remy human hair and comes in over 102 colors with various different textures to match any hair type. SO.CAP.USA only sells to the elite stylists who have been certified through our regional educators to ensure best results from the product. SHE By So.Cap USA is the number one hair extension company on the market. SHE By So.Cap uses warm and cold fusion to apply the extensions, our warm fusion machines fuses at the lowest of temperatures possible at 110° C.


With So.Cap Hair Extensions there are many options on how to maintain the product to get best results. When wearing hair extensions you always have the option to remove all extensions at the end of their cycle or remove only a partial amount of the extensions, this is referred to as a fill. Extensions have many different uses and needs depending on the clients lifestyle, budget and goal. Some clients wear the extensions for 3 months to get them through the unhappy stage of growing out an unwanted hair cut. We have had many clients as well with fine hair that utilize extensions for years because they can add volume and or length to their hair. Whatever lifestyle you may fall under She By So.Cap hair extensions can be a 00000000great option for your hair. When wearing any extensions you should do the following: do not go to bed with wet hair, try to pull your hair back in a pony tail when swimming or are in high amounts of wind, and brush your hair twice a day. When coming in for the extension process Shampoo Hair & Day Spa will give you the full program that includes an extension brush as well as So.Cap styling products to ensure the best quality of the extensions. You are also able to still color, foil and or smooth you hair while wearing SHE By So.Cap Hair Extensions. Many clients will utilize extensions in upstyles, these extensions act just like your own hair in the sense that they are able to be curled, flat ironed and or pinned up. Unless it is mentioned when done correctly extensions are undetectable, and are easy to wear once applied.


Removing SO.CAP Hair Extensions is easy, because there is absolutely no glue in the bonds we are able to use a non-acetone solution to break the bonds down with out any breakage. We apply a pea sized quantity of the solution to the bond, work the bond gently using a removal tool and then the bonded extension will slide off the hair easily with out and pain or damage. These hair extensions allow the clients hair to grow successfully during the duration of their wear.


Extensions are utilized in many ways. Hair extensions are a great way to reconstructs hair that has been damaged. SHE by SO.CAP Extensions are a great way for clients whose hair are fine and/or thinning whether it is from a medical condition (chemotherapy, alopecia, medications, etc.), genetics or any other cause. Extensions can be used for color corrections or hair cuts that the client may be unhappy with, as well as extensions can be used to add high lights or bright color. So.Cap extensions are customized to fit the needs of each client, so all pricing and application varies because of this.

The satisfaction of each of our clients is of top priority here at Shampoo Hair & Day Spa. We give complementary hair extension consultations to ensure the client best possible results. In the consultation process one of our educators will advise whether or not the clients hair is able to wear hair extensions, if we are unable to apply extensions due to circumstances we have many other options for you here.

If you are interested in hair extensions please call us at 978.256.2999

Below are the photos before SOCAP Extensions and after SOCAP Extensions:
Shampoo Hair and Day Spa/SOCAP FacebookCheck out our facebook to view more before and after photos.


Extensions are a brilliant way to add volume,
length and thickness. They are also a great
alternative in placement of coloring or highlighting
the hair and offer damage free, long-lasting results.



Below are photos of styles and unique color arrangements using extensions.


Our extensions are customized to fit each person's needs and therefore a consultation must take place in order to appropriately price each individual client.

Extension consultations are free of charge, but appointments are recommended.

Every good leader is a great follower. If you never fail you never learn. If you're interested in joining the fastest and strongest growing Hair Extension Company in the World, please contact SO.CAP. New England Hair Extensions at 978-764-7994

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